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Pan Dulce

We bake fresh sweet bread seven days a week in both our stores, come on in and have some deliciousness pleasures.


We are dedicated to making cakes that are both moist and flavorful. All of our cakes are frosted and decorated with precision.


Our sumptuous sugar cookies are a labor of love. They are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients and extracts.


Our muffins can be decorated to suit any occasion. From birthdays to weddings, our muffins are the perfect single-serving confection.

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Tradicional rolled crispy tacos, rolled like a flute, they really are something else, awesome crispy and delicious!

$ ¡Llama hoy!

Best Seller

Tres Leches Mocha


Heaven on earth.. we are not kidding.

$ ¡Llama hoy!

Best Seller


The best Mexican Tortas in town, bottom line.

$ ¡Llama hoy!

Best Seller


You have a birthday coming up? - Do you need a Princess birthday for the one little love in your house? We got them all!

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